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Window film is becoming a very popular option for property renovators, tenants and business owners alike of late. This is due to the ease of installation, the range of modern decorative styles available, the cheap cost, and the privacy that window film can provide for your home or business. Window films come with many uses. For example, window film house number stickers are an attractive way of displaying your house’s number or name. There are also car window tinting options. When it comes to window films, the opportunities to personalise colour, decoration and style are endless. And if you need help choosing the perfect window film for you? Our experts are here to help! Keep reading for more information about the different types of window film UK available, and how to choose the perfect window film for you.

Why Choose Window Film?

There are many reasons you may choose window film for your windows, both in your business, and private residency. Window film UK is a great alternative to patterned, decorative or privacy glass – all at a fraction of the effort and cost. When it comes to Abode Window Film – our window film company – we can assist you in decorating, tinting, colouring or making private any area of glass – all at a small cost, with a low effort solution. Businesses and homes alike can often require a window film company to either decorate or make a glass area attractive, or to create a privacy screen. So why not utilise an attractive window film UK solution today to decorate any glass items or windows in your business or home!

Window Films for Privacy

There are many reasons a private residency might need a reputable window film company to provide then with window film. The most common use for window film UK in private residencies is to provide privacy to its tenants. This is particularly prevalent if there are ground floor windows, leading to a busy street, where members of the public can see inside. Window film can help ‘prying eyes’ be avoided into the windows of residents. This is great for privacy and comfort, but also for security. Any valuable items are obscured from view of the public walking past. This means that your belongings have another level of safety, and you can feel safe in the knowledge that yourself – and your possessions – are hidden from onlookers digital marketing agency london. You may think that this would make your room dark and dingy. But this is not the case at ALL. This solution is available to you, without losing much natural light at all. Most of our window film options allow for 80%-90% of natural light to enter into the rooms. So, you don’t lose out on much – if any – of the lovely natural light that fills your rooms. And all without yourself and your items being in public view!

Another reasons many private residencies utilise window film UK is for bathroom windows. This is perhaps one of the most popular uses for window films. Finding a property with a window in the bathroom is a luxury. However, if the glass has no privacy measures in place, you might find yourself feeling very exposed. Therefore, privacy window film is an excellent option, as it obscures the view from the outside. This helps keep your time in the bathroom private, without having to go to the time and expense of replacing window glass.

Window film is extremely easy to install, and also easy to remove. While it is extremely durable and waterproof when applied to the window, it is also possible to remove when it is no longer wanted or needed. This means it can, if necessary, be a temporary solution. This makes window film UK an excellent option for renters, who may not be allowed to permanently change their space. This is an amazing solution to help decorate an area, and to contribute to increased levels of privacy and security.

Window Film for Businesses

Businesses may also be looking for a trustworthy window film company in the UK, to help install their window film. There are many reasons why businesses – big and small – may be looking for a window film solution. Similarly to private residencies and houses, businesses also need privacy. Window film, and in particular black out window film, provides complete privacy for meeting rooms and offices. This means business dealings can be done in complete privacy with the help of window film UK. This is particularly a concern for businesses that may need to have meetings that require discretion. Frosted window films in particular offer an elegant design to meeting room windows and doors for those looking to improve their aesthetic and increase privacy.

On a larger scale, some businesses want to ‘wrap’ their company in window film. This could be for many reasons. Some window film has solar benefits, meaning it can help expel and reduce harmful rays from the sun. Large glass buildings can particularly benefit from this type of window film UK. Some window film can also be insulating, which is good for large businesses in order to keep some of the heat inside the building in winter. On top of this, window film can also be used a decoration. Our window film company provides many attractive and intriguing designs of window film. For example, modern reflective silver mirror window film, and attractive dichroic colour changing rainbow window film. These types of window film can be used to provide an attractive finish to large glass windows, and – while they can still provide the privacy you need – can be used as a decoration, branding and marketing tool, too.

Need Help Choosing Frosted Glass Window Film?

If you need help choosing your glass window film, have a question about fitting, preparation or sizing, we can help. Anything you need, do let us know. Simply get in touch here, and a friendly member of our team will assist you with your query as soon as possible! Why not browse our other types of window films, such as privacy window films, reflective window films, and solar window films?

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