When it comes to windows, whether for business or domestic purposes, you want to control the amount of heat and light they let in. This is particularly needed for large corporate buildings where the need to keep internal temperatures regulated for optimal working conditions. We probably all know what it’s like to be uncomfortably hot in the summer heat – or to experience such bright sunlight that you can hardly see your tv or computer screen. If you’re looking to reduce the frustrating glare that can make a room uncomfortable or looking at screens hard, our window film can help by blocking out intense light (without making the room dark).

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It’s essential to not compromise on the amount of light. Therefore, the solution would be solar window film. Solar control window films can be used to reduce excessive heat, light and tackle cooling costs. Solar window film doesn’t block out light which means the brightness of your space won’t be compromised.

Abode Window Film makes solar control film in various finishes such as silver, prestige, bronze and non-reflective. This means no matter where you will be using it, it won’t look out of place and can be chosen to match the architecture and design of the building. There are several benefits to investing in solar window film by Abode Window Film. Read on to find out what they are.

Stylish Solar Control Window Film

You don’t need to sacrifice the design or colour scheme of a room for the sake of light and heat control with Abode Window Films’ solar window film options. Our solar window film is incredibly stylish and can be created to match whatever style of room or building you may wish to use it for. You can browse our range of silver, bronze, prestige, and non-reflective solar control film. Available in a selection of options, these solar window films offer you a simple solution to heat and light control – while still maintaining visibility and allowing 80% -90% of the light through. Our solar control window film is easy to install yourself and bonds directly with any smooth glass surface it is put into contact with. However, if you’d rather us do it for you, we also provide a fitting service – message us today for a free, no-obligation quote!

What are the Main Benefits of Solar Window Film?

There are many reasons you may choose to opt for solar control film on your windows, both in a commercial and residential property. The most popular reason for using solar control window film is to control the light and heat in a room via its windows. This can be useful in residential properties, with high exposure to the outdoors through skylights and floor to ceiling windows. It’s mainly useful for commercial property – especially office buildings where there is a need to regulate internal heat without compromising light.

In addition to controlling heat, Abode solar window control film also makes the heat less oppressive, so the need for additional air conditioning units is less. Consequently, this will help tackle energy costs.

Many people invest in solar control window film for decorative purposes too. The range of solar control films by Abode will provide your windows with a bit of decorative window film touch. You can choose a solar control film to match the building exteriors and interiors it will appear next to. Choose from a range of heat & glare window film styles, from a natural look you’ll hardly notice through to stylish bronze or grey tints.

While solar window film can look great, it also helps reduce fading. There are several reasons for fading – and the main one is UV light. In a commercial property on a large scale and your home, UV light can cause fading on several different belongings. We can help you protect your belongings, maintaining their appearance for longer and potentially extend their lifespan with our heat & glare solar films. These solar window films reject 99% of harmful UV radiation from the sun. This can drastically reduce the fading of your carpets, upholstery, fabrics, and artworks. There are so many reasons to opt for solar control window film in your home or business!

Need Help Choosing Solar Control Films?

If you need help choosing solar control window film, have a question about fitting, preparation, or sizing, we can help. Simply get in touch here, and a friendly member of our team will assist you with your query as soon as possible! Why not browse our other types of window films, such as privacy window films, reflective window films, and frosted window films? Anything you need, do let us know.