Privacy window film is a must for numerous reasons, for both commercial and residential properties. The most common need for privacy control window film is in bathrooms, both in businesses and homes. Bathrooms with windows have the luxury of light and ventilation which is perfect for any space, however, this can present issues when it comes to maintaining your privacy. Unless they have been prepped with stick on privacy window film, bathrooms with windows can lack the privacy you require. Complete privacy is necessary, without losing the light source they provide. Nobody wants a dark and dingy bathroom! This is why so many property owners opt for opaque stick on privacy window film on their bathroom windows. Privacy window film UK is an extremely cost-effective way to keep the privacy of your bathroom, without blocking the precious light out that the windows provide.

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Privacy Film for Your Bathroom

Utilising home window privacy film is a great way to add privacy to your bathroom windows. You can choose between a white pattern on a frosted background, or a clear pattern on a frosted background, whichever you prefer. Both types of privacy control window film allow for 80% of the natural light to enter the bathroom or other rooms in your home, so your privacy window film UK doesn’t mean you miss out on the gorgeous natural lighting your window provides. But aside from just the added privacy of one-way privacy control window film, it can also add a decorative window film touch. When you opt for our stick on privacy window film, you can choose between many attractive designs to add a touch of décor to your bathroom or window of choice. We stock a huge range of patterned window films and designs so that your home window privacy film that can match your theme perfectly. No longer do you have to ‘put up with old fashioned privacy window film UK patterns. Our modern, attractive home window privacy film can match your decoration perfectly, or can even become a standout feature of the room in their own right!

Why One Way Privacy Control Window Film?

Opaque privacy control window film is an amazing option for those who are looking for extra privacy within your home. This doesn’t just have to be in a bathroom, it can also be in other parts of your home. Many ground floor rooms can benefit from home window privacy film to stop prying eyes, regardless of whether it is in the living room, kitchen or downstairs living area. Not only can privacy control window film be used to provide extra privacy, but it can also provide additional security. Valuable objects can be kept away from view with the help of home window privacy, to add an extra layer of safety and security to your property particularly if you have several ground-floor windows. Glass window privacy film is an excellent option for renters, who may not be able to permanently change their surroundings. With the ability to add stick on privacy window film Glass window privacy film – while applied – is extremely strong, durable and waterproof, but can also be removed with ease.

Opaque Window Film for Businesses

One way privacy window film is a great option for businesses, too. Opaque Privacy control window film can add privacy and a ‘one way’ look to meeting rooms and offices. Our privacy window film UK services allow a business to be conducted in private easily, again, without blocking natural light sources. You can choose the level of coverage that home stick on privacy window film can give you dependant on your needs – all views can be blocked if necessary, with our blackout, whiteout and reflective window films. So whatever level of privacy you need – from a residential bathroom to a commercial storefront, you can rely on Abode Window Films for high quality, easy to install window films.

Need Help Choosing Your Privacy Window Film?

If you need help choosing your privacy window film, have a question about fitting, preparation or sizing, we can help. Anything you need, do let us know. Simply get in touch, and a friendly member of our team will assist you with your query as soon as possible! Why not browse our other types of window films, such as frosted window filmsreflective window films, and solar window films?