It’s important to make sure that your windows, whether on commercial or domestic property, are safe and secure with anti-shatter window safety film. Safety glass film for windows make them incredibly tough to break through and they can be installed directly onto the existing glazing. Window safety films save you time and money on replacing the glazing and it’s also a mess-free installation.

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Safety Window Film UK: Window Safety Film for Your Business

For business settings, window security is vital. Therefore, our range of window safety films are ideal for helping you protect your premises from natural hazards, accidents, and crime. Whatever type of safety glass film for windows you choose, it will look seamless and make your office space as secure as possible. With window safety film made for larger surface areas such as doors as well as large windows on office blocks, it can prevent any break-ins which would lead to the loss of valuables inside.

Our clear safety glass film for windows is available in 100–200-micron thicknesses. The film helps hold broken shards in place when the glass shatters. Polymer construction & tough adhesives bond the film to your window, creating a ‘Safety Net’ between you and the glass. Our window safety film is recommended for child minders, playgroups, creches etc. to upgrade their existing glass to safety standards. Once applied, this film will upgrade existing glass to meet British and EU standards certification, BS 6206 Class B and BS EN 12600 Class 2B2.

The Benefits of Installing Safety Glass Film for Windows:

There are several benefits of installing safety glass film for windows. Some of the main ones include:

Stopping Burglars:

Windows are considered one of the main weak points of any building, and it’s important that the glass is protected. If a potential burglar found it challenging to break your windows at a desired speed, they will likely move onto their next target. Therefore, any preventative measure is a must-have. Our anti-shatter window safety film provides a clear barrier of protection, holding broken shards in place when the glass shatters.

Secure Your Property & Savour the View

Our options of safety glass film for windows are all clear. Once installed, you won’t even recognise the difference. Their discreet appearance is advantageous to both the security and appearance of your windows. Indeed, with our films, you don’t have to spoil your view.

An Alternative to Unsightly Security Grills

Grills and bars are a common go-to for window protection. However, they are very ugly, and many property owners find them unappealing as a result. Grills can absolutely spoil the aesthetics of your property, and it can also make occupants feel like they-re in a prison – detrimental for office workers especially. Our clear window safety film provides seamless invisible protection.

A Great Option for Jewellers and Retail Shops

Security is vital for kind of shops who sell high-value items. However, for such stores it’s often favoured for them to look attractive to attract customers, and allow them to see in.  That’s why clear safety glass window film is your best choice. Optically clear and invisible when installed but provides excellent protection.

Safety window film UK is a must-have for extra peace of mind. Natural hazards, accidents and crime all pose potential risks when there’s glass about. It can become extremely dangerous, even deadly, when shattered or broken panes transform into ‘shards’ of glass. Fortunately, our safety glass film for windows offers you a preventative solution that can greatly reduce the risk of injury to people and property damage and may save the cost of glass replacement too. Once applied, these films will upgrade existing glass to meet requirements of BS 6206 Class B and BS EN 12600 Class 2B2.

We also stock anti-graffiti window film that offers an invisible yet effective barrier against paints, sprays, and scratches. This option is suitable for glass and other non-porous surfaces.

Our Guide to Fitting Your Safety Window Film UK

When applying safety window film UK, it is important to make sure that you are fitting it correctly. By ensuring that the window is prepped, you can make sure that there are no bubbles when it applies to the window. This will keep the illusion from being ruined and will ensure that your chosen reflective window film works correctly. With our easy-to-follow fitting instructions as well as the Squeegee that is provided with the film, you can begin to make the most out of the window safety film and ensure that it has maximum effectiveness.

Whether you have large or small windows, our window safety film can be made to measure to ensure that your windows in your office/ home have the perfect level of protection that you need.

Get in Touch with Us Today at Abode Windows

Regardless of whether you are looking for window safety film for the home or the office, we are sure that all our options that we have available will work perfectly for your business or your home to make it stand out and be as beneficial as possible.

If you want any customised designs, simply get in contact with us on 0116 2784844 or via our email at the following address We will get back to you as soon as possible to aid you in the creation of your own bespoke window safety film that provides your business with the right level of security without spending a small fortune.

How does safety window film work?

Used in both commercial and residential settings, there is a significant amount of glass that we walk past and use on a day-to-day basis in windows, doors and more. If the glass is left untreated, it can be at a high risk of being broken and causing harm to anyone in the vicinity when this happens (regardless of whether the damage is malicious or accidental). Safety window film can help properly mitigate this risk by providing additional protection to the glass, making it more durable and withstand greater pressures.

How should I clean my safety window film?

Cleaning your safety window film is simple. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe down the surface of the film after it has been applied and avoid ammonia or abrasive cleaning products which could lead to scratches and damage to the film. It is important to note however that you should wait at least 30 days after installation before cleaning the film to ensure it is properly set.

Where can safety window film be used?

Safety window film can be used for all types of windows and glass doors but can also be used on a range of different glazed areas such as tabletops, mirrors and cabinet doors. Safety film is often used in public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and offices.