Our range on charcoal tinted non reflective window film, are available in 3 grades of tints. They are used mainly for aesthetic reason and to help control solar glare, they are of particular use where there is a need to control light levels and when a non mirrored/reflective finish is not required.

The non reflective window film range is a good in-expensive window film, capable of providing great glare reduction which in turn makes it Ideal for most commercial or residential applications without substantially altering the external appearance of a building. Another added benefit to the film is its ability to filter out virtually all UV rays which is the main cause of fading furnishing and fabrics in the home.

Need Help Choosing A Non Reflective Tinted Solar Window Film?

If you need help choosing your window film, have a question about fitting, preparation, or sizing, we can help. Simply get in touch, and a friendly member of our team will assist you with your query as soon as possible! Why not browse our other types of window films, such as reflective window films, coloured window films, and frosted window films? Anything you need, do let us know.

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