Ultra UV Protection Anti Fade Window Film

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This Ultra UV protection window film has a very light tint but once fitted is virtually un-noticeable. This film is similar to our clear UV film, but has the added benefit of a slight tint to help the prevention of fading furniture etc. even further. Ultra UV reduction window film is used not only by museums and shop owners but also home owners to protect their valuable art, goods and furnishings from the damaging effects of Ultra-Violet light.

It’s important to stress that no window film can totally prevent or stop fading. It’s generally accepted that ultraviolet radiation is responsible for between roughly 40% and 60% of all fading. Other factors that can contribute to fading are solar light energy, indoor artificial lighting, humidity and moisture, poor dye quality in fabric, chemical vapours in the air, and abuse.

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  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Designed to reduce UV light by 99.5%
  • Ultra protection in reduce fading of furniture, curtains & flooring
  • Lightly tinted film, Ideal for museums, shops & homes.
  • Highest level of UV protection
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The film is an easy to install self-adhesive film that is applied directly to your existing glazing. Allows 66% of visible light through the film Reduces the sun’s heat by 42% Reduces the sun’s glare by 28% Reduces damaging UV light by 99%

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