External Silver Reflective Mirror Window Film

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This film has been developed for exterior use where internal access is difficult. This is particularly useful when applying the film to tinted and patterned glass and especially roof lights. Once fitted, the film offers high heat refection by blocking and reflecting solar energy before it penetrates the glazing. In turn, this can lead to improved living & working conditions and a reduction in air conditioning costs. It can also alleviate the discomfort of glaring reflections from computer screens, and assist in compliance of the workplace regulations. Technical Spec: 16% visible light transmission, 82% solar energy reduction, 81% glare reduction, 99% UV reduction

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  • 5 year external warranty.
  • “One-Way Vision” in daylight to stop those prying eyes
  • Professional quality metalized window film
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Please note: because the film works by reflecting light then this means it may have the reverse effect at night times. The film is not recommended if you are trying to achieve privacy between internal rooms.

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Visible Light Transmitted16%
Visible Light Reflected59%
Total Solar Energy Transmitted14%
Total Solar Energy Reflected61%
Total Solar Energy Absorption25%
Ultra Violet Light Reflected99%
Shading Co-Efficient0.22%
Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficient0.19%
U Value1.04%
Total Solar Energy Rejected82%
Glare Reduction81%
Scratch Resistant CoatingYes


Clear Single Glazed - Float Annealed
Clear Single Glazed - Toughened
Clear Single Glazed - Laminated
Clear Double Glazed - Float Annealed
Clear Double Glazed - Toughened
Clear Double Glazed - Laminated
Tinted Single Glazed - Float Annealed
Tinted Single Glazed - Toughened
Tinted Double Glazed - Float Annealed
Tinted Double Glazed - Toughened
Tinted Double Glazed - Laminated
Georgian Wired Glass
Fit Internally
Fit Externally
Internal Warranty0 Years
External Warranty3 Years