Clear Safety & Security Window Film 100 Micron 4mil

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Clear safety window film is a 100 micron thick window film which helps to hold broken shards in place when the glass shatters. Polymer construction & tough adhesives bond the film to your window, creating a ‘Safety Net’ between you and the glass. We recommend this window film to child minders, playgroups, creches etc. to upgrade their existing glass to safety standards. Once applied, this film will upgrade existing glass to meet British and EU standards certification, BS 6206 Class B and BS EN 12600 Class 2B2.

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  • 10 Years warranty
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  • Upgrade glazing to British Standard BS EN 12600
  • Recommended to childminders, creches, schools etc.
  • Hold broken shards in place when the glass shatters
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Once fitted, this clear safety window film will be invisible to the eye. The film is an easy to install self-adhesive film that is applied directly to your existing glazing. Thickness: 100 micron/4mil Tensile Strength at Break: 28,000 psi Break Strength 112 lb/inch Elongation at Break 165% Peel Strength 7 lb/inch

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Visible Light Transmitted85%
Visible Light Reflected11%
Total Solar Energy Transmitted77%
Total Solar Energy Reflected9%
Total Solar Energy Absorption14%
Ultra Violet Light Reflected90%
Shading Co-Efficient0.93%
Solar Heat Gain Co-EfficientN/A
U ValueN/A
Total Solar Energy Rejected19%
Glare Reduction3%
Scratch Resistant CoatingYes


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Internal Warranty10 Years
External Warranty0 Years
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