Prestige 50 Light Solar Control Window Film

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Prestige 50 light solar control window film, is one of the most advanced solar control films in our range. The films achieve their outstanding colour stability, durability & performance through ‘sputtering’, a process which bonds exclusive high performance metals & alloys to the film structure. Prestige films provide significant heat rejection & are not subject to fading or discolouration. Another added benefit to the film is its ability to filter out virtually all UV rays which is the main cause of fading furnishing and fabrics. Once fitted, this window film will give a soft light grey tint to the glazing with very low reflectivity.

Technical Spec: 49% visible light transmission, 42% solar energy reduction, 46% glare reduction, 99% UV reduction

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  • Advanced solar control film
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The film is an easy to install self adhesive film that is applied directly to your existing glazing. Allows 49% of visible light through the film Reduces the sun’s heat by 42% Reduces the sun’s glare by 46% Reduces damaging UV light by 99%

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