Data Jammer Window Film

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Data jammer window film is used as a film for glass walls and office windows. This cloaking window film is designed to obscure computer monitors and digital screens to outside view, it is typically applied as a band across glazed partitions to cover the eye-height region.. The primary benefit of data jamming cloaking window film is that it adds an invisible layer of privacy against screens, helping protect sensitive data and confidential information in open office environments. Cloaking window film is an ideal choice for governments, healthcare facilities, and corporate offices with large windows and glass walls.

We highly recommend you purchase the A4 sample card prior to placing your order as this product is made to order & non refundable. In order to define the appropriate orientation to install the film on a glass surface, you first need to see the room you want to protect from the outside and try the orientation options : A, B, C, D. (See photo) B & D are not the most common/recommended. The direction in which you need to place the film can vary depending on the display technology (LED or LCD). In certain cases, the Data Jammer doesn’t work, that’s why a test at first is necessary.

  • Roll Width 122cm
  • Obscure digital screens & monitors
  • Delivery 7-10 Days
  • Phone for further information
  • A4 sample available


Perfect for glass-walled conference rooms, meeting rooms or shared workspaces, this polarizing film ensures data security by creating a blackout effect on LCD or Plasma screens to anyone viewing in from outside a room, whilst allowing those inside the room to clearly see the data on screen.

Data jammer cloaking window film is most effective when viewing a display that is parallel to the glass where the technology is installed. Data Jammer should appear completely opaque when viewed from directly in front of the display and the display is at eye level. To an observer moving past the conference room at an acute angle or viewing a display at table level, Data jammer film will appear less opaque. This light leakage may make displays partially visible while still providing confidentiality.

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