Chameleon Window Tint Film

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Chameleon window tint film. The film colour will change from blue to purple depending on different angles of view. Professional automotive window tinting film delivers a dual package of cool looks and tremendous value. Our chameleon window tint films are also easily heat shrinkable, therefore the film is less likely to be compromised during the installation process. Non-fading window tint with outstanding film clarity & visibility Reduces damaging UV light by 99% and Infrared heat protection by 95%

Available in 2 film variations:

Ultraview Windscreen Chameleon 85% Visible Light Transmission – This is 100% legal & can be used on the front windscreen.

Standard Chameleon 70% Visible Light Transmission – This is NOT legal for the front windscreen, but fine for all other windows.

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  • 5 years warranty
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  • Visible Light Transmittance 85% or 70%
  • Excellent heat shrinking capability on curved windows
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In the United Kingdom, if your car was registered after 1st April 1986, you must let through at least 75% of light through the front windscreen and 70% through the front driver and passenger side windows. If the car was registered before the April 1st 1986 it is illegal to let through any less than 70% of light through the front windscreen. Most vehicle glass lets through approximately 80% of light by standard, this is without any tint applied which means it is often not possible to add any tint to the front windows (other than clear tint for UV ray protection).


Visible Light Transmitted70 & 85
Visible Light Reflectedn/a
Total Solar Energy Transmittedn/a
Total Solar Energy Reflectedn/a
Total Solar Energy Absorptionn/a
Ultra Violet Light Reflected99%
Shading Co-Efficientn/a
Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficientn/a
U Valuen/a
Total Solar Energy Rejected95%
Glare Reductionn/a
Scratch Resistant CoatingYes


Clear Single Glazed - Float Annealed
Clear Single Glazed - Toughened
Clear Single Glazed - Laminated
Clear Double Glazed - Float Annealed
Clear Double Glazed - Toughened
Clear Double Glazed - Laminated
Tinted Single Glazed - Float Annealed
Tinted Single Glazed - Toughened
Tinted Double Glazed - Float Annealed
Tinted Double Glazed - Toughened
Tinted Double Glazed - Laminated
Georgian Wired Glass
Fit Internally
Fit Externally
Internal Warranty7 Years
External Warranty0 Years
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