Antique Clear Vintage Distressed Mirror Glass Film

From: £1.25

Antique Clear Vintage Distressed Mirror Glass Film is a film for application onto smooth glass or mirror surfaces. The self adhesive polyester film has an antique mottled print on the surface and is specifically designed to be applied onto existing mirrors or glass, giving them a captivating antique mirror appearance. Choose from our optically clear film with either a black or gold mottled print, which is best used on mirrors.

  • Roll Width 70cm or 140cm
  • Decorative Antique Design
  • Apply to existing Glass or Mirror
  • A5 sample available


Enhance your mirrors and glass surfaces with the captivating Antique Clear Vintage Distressed Mirror Glass Film. This transparent film with an antique pattern adds a touch of elegance and charm to any space. Easy to install, it brings a stylish antique look to existing mirrors or clear glass surfaces.

Your order is supplied with a free plastic squeegee to help with installation and easy to follow fitting instructions. If you would like to receive a sample of this film, then please use the sample service page at the bottom.