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Dichroic Colour Changing Rainbow Chameleon Coloured Window Film 2Dichroic Colour Changing Rainbow Window Film

Dichroic Colour Changing Rainbow Chameleon Coloured Window Film

From: £1.25

Dichroic premium grade window film is lightly reflective window film that changes colour depending on viewing angle as you walk past the window. Brings glass to life with a blaze of different changing colours with every angle you view it from, Inspiring a new spectrum of creativity.

  • Roll Width 68cm or 137cm
  • Amazing colour changing film
  • Available in 2 colours. FIRE or COOL
  • Creates stunning effects. A5 sample available
anti fog window filmanti fog anti condensation window film

Anti Fog Window Film

From: £4.99

Anti-Fog film window film is the perfect solution for glass that easily fogs due to constant differences in temperature or humidity. It can help keep glass clear providing better visibility. Common applications include, bathrooms, steam rooms, indoor pool enclosures, car windows, refrigerated or frozen food cases or any glass surface that easily fogs. The product is manufactured with a special anti-condensation layer designed to spread the water across the surface of the glass to help maintain better vision through.

  • Order before 1pm for SAME DAY dispatch*
  • All prices include VAT & shipping
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Offers continious optically clear visibility.
  • Anti-Fog coated films offer permanent anti-condensation performance.