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Stylish, Colourful Frosted Film

Our frosted window film UK is incredibly stylish and can be created to match whatever style of room you may wish. You can shop our complete blackout and whiteout frosted film, alongside traditional frosted glass film, in a whole host of colours. You don’t need to sacrifice the design or colour scheme of a room for the sake of privacy with Abode Window Films’ frosted glass window film options. Available in a selection of striking patterned window film options and eye-catching plain colours, these privacy frosted window films offer you a simple solution to added privacy – preventing vision in or out, day or night – while still allowing 80% -90% of the light through. Our frosted window film UK is easy to install yourself, and bonds directly with any smooth glass surface it is put into contact with. However, if you’d rather us do it for you, we also provide a fitting service – message us today for a free, no obligation quote!

However, even if you don’t require frosted window film UK for privacy reasons, you can still utilise film for a frosted glass window effect on other glass items. For example, you may select frosted film to add some colour, style or décor to a room or object.  Our frosted glass window options are ideal for the underside of glass coffee tables, mirrors and other flat, glass surfaces.

Frosted Window Film, Privacy for Your Bathroom

You can choose our frosted window film with confidence for bathrooms too. This includes utilising frosted glass film for your bathroom windows and shower screens, as once it’s been fitted, it’s totally waterproof. This is a great option for people who want to retain privacy while showering or bathing, but don’t want to opt for textured glass, or the committing to the cost of blinds and curtains. Not to mention how hygienic it is – just a quick wipe keeps it clean! Your new frosted window film won’t be affected by moisture or condensation. What’s more, our frosted window film is easily fitted with only a small amount of preparation needed. So, you can enjoy your frosted glass window film as soon as possible!

Why Choose Frosted Window Film UK?

There are many reasons you may choose to opt for frosted glass film on your windows, both in a commercial and residential property. The most popular reason for the use of frosted film is to enhance the privacy of a room, via its windows. This can be useful in residential properties, where ground floor rooms are on eye level with the public. It’s also useful for bathrooms, to maintain privacy for showering and bathing, without reducing the light source. Because frosted glass window fully adheres to your bathroom glass, you needn’t worry about the moisture or water affecting it, either. This is much more hygienic than blinds or curtains, as these can hold onto mould and moisture.

Many people use frosted window film UK or decorative window film for decorative purposes, too. Should any of your glass furniture require that little extra decorative touch, frosted window film is an easy option that can ‘jazz up’ even the plainest of furniture. As our frosted film options come in so many different colours, you can match a plain piece of furniture to your colour scheme, by adding a piece of coloured frosted glass film.

While frosted glass film is great for décor, it can also be used for security reasons. In a commercial property on a large scale, frosted film on the windows can be used for security purposes to ‘black out’ windows. It also provides privacy for commercial offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms, to help keep business private. For business purposes, it’s also very convenient as it can be easily wiped down with a cloth. This keeps your windows looking smarter, as it does not show up dirt, grub and fingerprints. Finally, frosted glass window film – dependent on the opacity – can actually be used for UV and solar protection. It filters light away during the day, reducing glare and helping to remove harmful sun rays from those sitting within the room.  There are so many reasons to opt for frosted glass film, in your home or business!

Need Help Choosing Frosted Glass Window Film?

If you need help choosing frosted glass film, have a question about fitting, preparation or sizing, we can help. Anything you need, do let us know. Simply get in touch here, and a friendly member of our team will assist you with your query as soon as possible! Why not browse our other types of window films, such as privacy window films, reflective window films, and solar window films?